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New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, New JerseyMaster of Science, Computing and Information Science May, 1989
University of Rochester, Rochester, New YorkBachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering May, 1980

Teaching Experience Summary

Rochester Institute of TechnologyRochester, NY Associate Professor 2001 - present
  Member of the Information Sciences and Technologies Department; Research in data integration, and informatics; Coursework in application development; database, informatics.  
St. John Fisher CollegeRochester, NYAdjunct Faculty Member2001
 Solely responsible for presenting the course: "Introduction to Computing with Visual Basic". The course is a combination of hands-on laboratory instruction and traditional lecture. 
University of RochesterRochester, NYAdjunct Faculty Member1995 - 2001
 Member of the Chemical Engineering Department and solely responsible for the course: "Fundamentals of Computing for Chemical Engineers". This is a computing architecture and introductory programming course initially presented using FORTRAN, but recently re-written to use Visual Basic with elements of Microsoft Office. 

Industrial Experience Summary

Integrated Cabling & Communication SystemsRochester, NYInformation Technology Manager1997 - 2001
 Member of company's 3-person strategic planning committee who was responsible for all Information Technology operations including:
  • All in-house training
  • Development and support of in-house ERP and CRM systems
  • Development and support of multiple Internet initiatives
  • Y2K compliance of all software and hardware.
  • Establishing appropriate Computer Business Practices
CSS Consultants, Inc.Penfield, NYVice President1989-1997
 Directly involved in the daily operation of this quarter million dollar company including sales, marketing, and payroll. In a consulting role, conducted Requirements Analysis, Database Design, and Development of Decision Support Systems for numerous industries. 
Exxon Research & Engineering Company, Inc.Florham Park, NJSenior Engineer1980-1989
 Initial work as a chemical engineer in the petroleum department focused on fluidized catalytic cracking technology, including design, planning studies, worldwide startups, and troubleshooting. Later work as a software engineer and project leader included design and development of next generation simulator tools and numerous projects supporting Exxon's computer programs worldwide. 

Presentations and Publications

Invited Talks

Popular Writing

Board Positions

Professional and Personal Affiliations

Professional Interests

Experience Details

University of Rochester Rochester, NY Adjunct Faculty Member 1995 - 2001
  • Member of the Chemical Engineering Department.
  • Solely responsible for the course: "Fundamentals of Computing for Chemical Engineers".
  • Course was presented with FORTRAN from 1995-1999.
  • Re-wrote the course and presented it with Visual Basic and Microsoft Office 2000-2001.
  • On-going work with department faculty to ensure students are prepared for both university curricula and industrial needs.


Integrated Cabling & Communication Systems Rochester, NY Information Technology Manager 1997 - 2001
  • Responsible for all computing operations at corporate office and both permanent and temporary remote offices.
  • Member of company’s 3-person strategic planning committee.
  • Trained employees on use of AutoCAD, MS Office, and in-house computer applications.
  • Developed “corporate presence” website to support company’s national market.
  • Envisioned and developed website that allows customers to use CAD-type tools to markup floor plans and submit work requests.
  • Envisioned and coordinated development of website that allows users to purchase product online. Site includes a proprietary wizard for determining product needs.
  • Instituted new software-based Inventory Management and Control measures that cut staffing in half and reduced slippage to insignificant levels. Application utilizes bar-code technology and real-time inventory techniques.
  • Designed, developed, and implemented an enterprise resource planning system including Inventory Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Job Costing. System uses a 3-tier architecture, MS SQL database and stored procedures, Visual Basic front-end and DLL’s, and Microsoft Word and HTML for selected reporting functions.
  • 100% successful in ensuring Y2K compliance of all software and hardware.
  • Introduced Email and Internet Web access for business use. Conducted training of users on how best to leverage these tools.
  • Wrote Computer Practices Manual establishing proper use of electronic resources.


CSS Consultants, Inc. Penfield, NY Vice President 1989-1997
  • Directly involved in the daily operation of this quarter million dollar company including sales, marketing, and payroll.
  • Pioneered web-based sales and service for the Teleformä market, thereby creating a national customer base for CSS.
  • Conducted client training on topics ranging from basic PC operations to maximizing utility of office applications.
  • Expert Witness and Consultant on several cases and investigations.
  • Assisted clients in the development of computing strategies and budgets, workflow analyses, and design and development of decision support systems in the following industries:
    • Insurance Risk Management
    • Professional Societies
    • Computer Hardware Sales
    • Construction
    • Radio
    • Consumer Goods
    • Real Estate
    • Education

Selected Works

  • Sole architect and developer of Job Estimating and Tracking (JET) application. A LAN cabling installation company was growing too rapidly for their manual system. Product was being wasted and it was difficult to track profits. This application allows salespeople to develop a quote for a job and also allows company management to track all costs associated with that job. The application also includes inventory management, job lifecycle tracking, worker scheduling, purchasing and receiving, and many help features. The application generates bar-coded material pull-sheets and purchase orders to eliminate manual data entry to the inventory system.
  • Sole architect and developer of Membership Tracking System for the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. National professional societies are normally equipped with powerful membership tracking applications. The local sections, though, often have no common means of tracking members in their area. This application was commissioned by the national headquarters and resold to local sections so that they could track information such as dues history, mailing address, and committee membership for current and past members. It includes automated data import (from the parent organization), customizable form letters, and more than 20 different reports.
  • Sole architect and developer of Claims Management System for the risk management group of the Wilmorite commercial real estate development company. The primary functions of the group are to manage any claims against their properties and to work with property managers to minimize any potential hazards. Due to the size of the developer's holdings, a large number of claims are filed. Manual handling of the claims was limiting the client's ability to analyze the risk factors and also incurring significant costs due to the necessary outsourcing of the claims handling.
  • This application stores all the claim information and allows the client to have easy access to all necessary data. The application also handles underwriting, Accord forms, accounts payable, premium allocations, and analysis of claims. It features automatic loading of data from insurance carriers and third party adjustors; hooks to word processors, spreadsheets, and image viewers in order to see all information related to a claim file; and desktop sending and receiving of faxes.
  • Sole architect and developer of a Student Tracking Program for the Industrial Management Council. The Council had several programs in place to assist inner-city students, but no way to track the programs’ success. This application allows the Council to store all information about program participants and track their progress both during and after their participation in the programs’ activities. This has allowed the client to firmly demonstrate the programs’ success and thereby acquire additional funding to expand their efforts. The application includes mail merge connections with word processors and automatic loading of grade information from school district records.
  • Sole architect and developer of a Grant Tracking Program for BOCES. BOCES grants to its faculty for various educational initiatives. However, all of the records were kept on paper, so it was difficult to determine whether similar grants had been issued in the past. This application allows BOCES to track the historical grant information. The application includes a sophisticated search facility for locating one or more grants based on user-defined criteria. It also includes facilities to permit easy updates to remote sites and is designed to be used by people generally not familiar with computers.
  • Sole architect and developer of an Abstract and Title Search Order System for Four Corners Abstract. This application allows a bank officer to input all necessary information and automatically transmit the order to the abstract company for expedited handling. The application allows the bank to track which orders have been sent and their transmission dates, print copies for their records, and maintain a history of all orders. A special aspect of the application is the attention given to "bullet-proofing" the system. Even if a user were to turn off the computer in the middle of a transaction, no damage would be done to any files. The application was also designed such that the abstract company could issue updates to the application code and perform maintenance via modem.
  • Sole architect and developer of CAMEO, a commercial application for the management of LAN wiring. LAN wiring is often accompanied by wiring closets that are a hodge-podge of wires. This leads to incorrect connections, purchase of unnecessary equipment, and worst of all, downtime for the users. This application tracks users, equipment, rooms, wiring closets, and other objects associated with a network. Users of the application can "walk the net" following connections from one end to the other. The application automates common tasks such as adding a new cable drop or moving a user, generating a work order that describes all connections that should be made or broken. There are numerous reports available to describe the network including a "confused ports" report that lists ports that are wired improperly or that otherwise appear to be in use when in fact they are not. The system includes many user-customizable features such as user-definable fields and colors. It also includes an easy-to-use load utility that provides a spreadsheet-like form in which the user can initially load all of the current network information. It includes links to Paintbrush to permit the user to change any of the graphical bitmaps used by the application.


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