National Science Foundation ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Grant: Increasing the Participation and Advancement of Women in Academic Science and Engineering Careers.  CONnECT:  Creating Opportunity Networks of Engagement for Collective Transformation  - Enhancing the Representation and Advancement of Women Faculty at RIT, September 2012 Co-PI with Bailey, M. (RIT-KGCOE)(PI), Hatala, J. (RIT-CAST), Marchetti, C. (RIT-COS), Valentine,M. (RIT-CAST) $3,186,475

Department of Defense Information Assurance Scholarship Program, PI and co-PI $814,650
2014 Academic Year – $125, 296
2013 Academic Year – $228,026
2012 Academic Year – $110,305 
2011 Academic Year – $169,992
2010 Academic Year – $65,369
2009 Academic Year – $115,661

National Science Foundation ADVANCE CATALYST Grant:  Establishing the Foundation for Future Organizational Reform and Transformation @ RIT (EFFORT@RIT), December 2007-2012 Co-PI with Bailey, M. (RIT-KGCOE)(PI), Baum, S. (RIT-CIAS), Mozrall, J. (RIT-KGCOE) and Valentine, M. (RIT-CAST)  $199,770

National Science Foundation; Federal Cyber Service: Scholarship for Service:  Faculty, Curriculum and Lab Exercise Capacity Building Partnership, January 2007-present, PI $113,966

Department of Defense & University of Tulsa Grant Subcontract:  Computer and Network Security Curriculum, 2002 PI $41,998

RIT FEAD Grant:  Cyber Security Training, April 2003 $15,000

RIT FEAD Grant:  FDDI Networks, April 1999 $20,000

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