(C) = Capstone, (T) = Thesis

Capstone/Thesis Advisor: (Finished)


  1. Krishan Teja Patchamatia, “Attacks on IoT Deveices”.
  2. Sindhura Meka, “ERP for Small Business.”
  3. Annesah Basude Talukdar, “IoT Malware Detection and Analysis.”
  4. Manu Suresh, “Dynamic Sensor Orientation Unit for Intelligent Mobility Cane.”
  5. Steve Forney, “User Experience in Sign Language Recognition.”
  6. Shreya Thacker, “Application for Borrower’s Credit Capacity.”
  7. Poorveen Tailor,”Enterprise Network Solution using Aruba Products.”
  8. 2018

  9. Bharat Biyani,“Configuration, Evaluation and Performance Testing of First Hop Network Redundancy Protocols.”
  10. Shriyan Mithun, “Improving Autonomous System Security for BGP Networks.”
  11. Saravana Murugesh Kumar, “Building a Distributed Data Processing Server with Hazard Detection for a Real-Time Package Monitoring System.”
  12. Li Liu, “WebRTC Real-Time Communication and Synchronous Whiteboard of the Web”.
  13. Ravi Theja Lingam, “Achieving High Availability Networks Using VRRP”.
  14. Venkata Sai Saaketh Nistala, “Mitigation Techniques for Layer 2 and 3 Attacks”.
  15. Ankit Mujumdar, “Smart Home Evaluation with IoT Devices.”
  16. Harold Chelchowski, “Increasing Cybersecurity Awareness via a Windows Web Security Application”.
  17. 2017

  18. Ashish Heda, “Developing IoT Labs using Wireless Sensor Networks.”
  19. Adrian Pinder, “Hashed QR Codes for a Cost Effective Automated Motor Vehicle Licensing System.”
  20. Mohammed Alsaimi, “An Efficient IP Lookup Mechanism for Classless Inter-Domain Routing Using Radix-Trie.”
  21. 2016

  22. Kevin Yip (C): Utiliing Splunk Across An IT Enterprise Operations.
  23. Osama AlQahtani (C): Improving Network Security for Jazan University.
  24. Rebecca Gibbon (C): Performance Testing for Physical and Cloud File Servers at Rochester Institute of Technology.
  25. Khalid Jarrah (C): Merging Wireless Sensor Networks in Lab Practice.
  26. Haward Rodriguez (C): Policy System Administration in IP Networks: A Global Correlation Problem.
  27. Alexander Rodriguez (C): Assessing Performance on DO ccTLD Name Servers.
  28. Suyash Jadhav (C): Advance Android PHAs/Malware Detection Techniques by Utilizing Signature Data, Behavioral Patterns and Machine Learning.
  29. 2015

  30. Khalid Almatrafi (C): Studying the Effects of Using an Electronic Learning Management System on the Royal Saudi Naval Forces Network using OPNET Technology.
  31. Haitham Alghmdi, Advisor (C): Design & Performance Evaluation of SDL network connected to IPS in Saudi Arabia via OPNET tools.
  32. Naif AlAslani (C): Cloud and Student Information Records:Design & Evaluate the performance for national institute of technology (NIT) in Saudi Arabia by Opnet Tool.
  33. Khaled Algarni (C): Information Security Policy for e-Government in Saudi Arabia (effectiveness-vulnerabilities-threats).
  34. Kriti Sharma (C): Designing a course-Enterprise Mobile.
  35. Sahil Bhola (C): Evaluation of Mobile Device Security Policies.
  36. Seung Kim (C): Dell KACE client deployjment:end-to-end system.
  37. 2014

  38. Abdulaziz Alshuwaier (C): Evaluation of Firewall Effects on Cloud Computing Performance.
  39. Ameen Almoqhim (C): Improving Performance of Multi-Segment Transport Protocol and Sensor Transmission Control Protocol.
  40. Almogari Mshari (C): Performance Comparison between OLSR & AODV using the System in-the Loop(SITL) Simulation from OPNET.
  41. Trad Albalawi (C): Addressing Saudi SMEÕs Cloud Security Issues.
  42. Eid Abdulaziz (C): Redesigning & Expanding the IPA Optial Intranet Using OPNET SP Guru Transport Planner.
  43. Aamir Khalid A Ahmadhussain (C): Smart Home for Deaf by using iPhone Application with Bluetooth & Wireless Network
  44. Khaled Albusays (C):
  45. Sullman, Alotaibi (C): Managing & Securing Personal Devices-Auditing ChecklistsSecure Design & Implementation of Videoconference Networking for the Royal Saudi Navy Force (RSNF)
  46. Rainer Campillo (C): A Layer 2 Protocol to Protect the IP Communication in a Wired Ethernet Network.
  47. Juan Salcedo (C):
  48. Bhavin Desai (C): ISTA Test Selection Tool Network Modeling & Analysis Labs Using Opnet.
  49. Ishita Metha (C): Modeling & Simulation Las of Manet Using OPNET.
  50. 2013

  51. Amit Umarye (C): Proactive Resource Monitoring.
  52. Rajath Chouta (C): Controlled Environmental Study of a Standalone Computer Incorporating Arrhenius’ Equations.
  53. Mohammad Zamzami, Advisor (C): Cloud based eHR system: Design and analyze the performance using OPNET tool for the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  54. , Malviya, Esha, Advisor (C): Monitoring System Website Design.
  55. John Gustafson, Project (T): Comparing Application Latency Using Virtualized and Non-Virtualized Network Architectures.
  56. Nancy, Sinan Project (T): mplementing SHA-1 and ECDSA in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network using NS-3.I
  57. Algarni, Abdullah Project: Parental Control Application for Multi-User on Android Platforms.
  58. Raman, Vivek Project (T): Real-time Package Monitoring System using RFID and GPS Technologies.
  59. 2012

  60. . Alharbi, T. (C): Emergency Communication for Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
  61. Jafferi, J. (C): Implementation of Security Encryption and comparing Performance evaluation of Ad Hoc On Demand Distance Vector and Dynamic Source Routing Protocols using OPNET.
  62. Alharbi, T. (C): An Assistive Communication Device for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in the event of Emergency Evacuations.
  63. Alghamdi, K. (C): Bluetooth Security Lock for Android Smart Phone Platform.
  64. Sun, Y. (C): A Smartphone Application of Emergency Siren Detection for Vehicle Drivers with Hearing Disabilities..
  65. Madhavan, S. (C): WiMax Communications for Neighbor Area Networks.
  66. Thummala, K. (C): Performance of Storage Technologies: A Comparison Study.
  67. 2011

  68. Patil, M. (C): Effect of Real Video Streaming over Virtual MANET Environment
  69. Alenizi, A. (C): Emergency Communication for Deaf/Hard of Hearing.

Capstone/Thesis Committee Member: (Finished)


  1. Nikhil Nair, “Traffic Violation Analysis for Assessment of Insurance Risk Pools.”
  2. 2017

  3. Sindhura Meka, “ERP for Small Businesses.”
  4. Abdualziz Aliohani, “Increasing Cloud Availability and Integrity with an Onsite, Lightweight, Temporary Infrastructure and Database Replication.”
  5. Mithun Shriyan, “Improving Autonomous Systems Security for BGP Networks.”
  6. Jahed Iqbal, “Evaluate MDM Monioring and Applied Security”.
  7. 2016

  8. Pedro Montero (C): Gpon Implementation & Deployment Case Study Flaws of Implementation & Deployment, Tricom Dominican Republic.
  9. Mohammed Alghanemi (C): BPCS Student E-Service.
  10. Martin Okelo (C): Open Source Adoption in Eastern Africa.
  11. Jonathan Waggoner (C): Android Metasploit Module Proposal.
  12. Luis Alberto Pena, Committee Member (C): Detection System for VoIP toll frauds.
  13. 2015

  14. Mia Foster (C): How Effective for Impleenting Locked Down IT Environment to Secure the Business.
  15. Mostafa Alaqsm (C): The benefits of implementing RLES in Jazan University.
  16. Jeremy Schiefer (C): Using AWS as a Second Site.
  17. Marwan Alkhoder (C): Development of a blood donation network application.
  18. Saeed Alghamdi (C): Oneline Evaluation App for Planning and Development.
  19. Chirag Bharat Shah (C): System Operations Engineering Dashboard.
  20. 2014

  21. Assis Ngolo (C): Federated Identity Management in e-Government.
  22. Rini Raj Pulari (C): Deploy and Manage WMWare VCloud.
  23. Pooriva Aghaalitari (C): Development of a Vitrualization Systems Architecture Course for the Information Sciences and Technologies Dept.
  24. Aamir Ahmadhussian (C): Smart Home for Deaf People by Using iPhone Application with Bluetooth and Wireless Networks.
  25. 2013

  26. Carlos Gonzalez, Committee Member (C): Teaching System Administration in Amazon’s Elastic Cloud Computing Service.
  27. 2011

  28. Dautov, R. (C): Efficient Collision Resolution Protocol for Highly Populated Wireless Networks.
  29. Coleman, K. (C): A Low Cost Accountability, Communications, and Management System for Emergency First Responders using 3G and 4G Cellular Technologies.
  30. 2010

  31. Caminiti, J. (C): Service Level Agreements and Virtual Machine.